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APRIL 18, 2016

Reserve Strap Supporters–

We wanted to give you a rundown of the latest developments in Reserve Strap’s journey and enlist your help.

In recent WatchOS releases, Apple made the decision to remove all functionality from Apple Watch’s accessory port thereby blocking Reserve Strap’s ability to charge the Apple Watch. This was a deviation from how the port functioned in all previous WatchOS releases and appears to have been a deliberate effort to block development of third party smartbands.

This action was surprising given that prior to this WatchOS update, Apple had been an advocate of our product–going as far as inviting us to Cupertino to show them early prototypes as well as placing pre-orders for many Reserve Straps. Additionally, Apple continues to run old versions of WatchOS on their in-store kiosks in order to utilize the functionality of the accessory port.

Reserve Strap

We are not asking Apple to officially or unofficially support the Reserve Strap, we are simply asking them to remove the intentional blocking of our product and let (you) the users decide. Thousands of Apple Watch wearers have purchased the Reserve Strap over the last several months because they desired the freedom to use their Watches for more than a day without plugging in their Apple Watch.

Every week we get emails from professional athletes, first responders, world travelers, and health enthusiasts about how the Reserve Strap could enhance their lifestyle–confirming our belief that the Reserve Strap is an empowering product for many Apple Watch wearers.

For our customers who are still running WatchOS 2.0 or earlier, we can still ship Reserve Strap in the coming weeks, but they will not be able to update their Watches without losing the charging feature that is only present in the early versions of WatchOS.

Reserve Strap Packaging

For other customers, we are continuing to explore additional charging protocol solutions and believe an official MFi program supporting Apple Watch smartband accessories may be forthcoming.

We would greatly appreciate if you would contact Apple in support of Reserve Strap. You can either send an email to the Apple Hardware Evangelism team here or submit feedback on Apple's website.

If you have any additional feedback please contact us and as always, thank you for your support.

The Reserve Strap Team



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