Reserve Strap

Charging the Apple Watch Using the 6 Pin Accessory Port

We are close to finalizing the design for the Reserve Strap and will be announcing a 2015 ship date in the weeks to come.  It has been thrilling to see how well our strap performs in charging the Apple Watch.

Over the last month we have done extensive charging through the 6 pin accessory port of the Apple Watch in a variety of conditions. We made a short video documenting a charging speed test we performed between the Apple Watch wireless charging cord and our own 6 pin accessory port charging. 

Some interesting observations were:

  • Charging using the 6 pin accessory port is slightly faster than wireless inductive charging.
  • No charging icon appears on the Apple Watch during 6 pin accessory charging. This is likely to avoid unnecessary screen clutter when using smart bands. We're accounting for this by including a simple LED on the Reserve Strap to indicate charging state.
  • While not apparent in the video, there was less ambient heat radiated on the back of the Apple Watch using 6 pin accessory port charging compared to wireless induction.

We'd love to hear any feedback you have. We're on Twitter at @reservestrap or email us at

Thank you all you interest and support. Stay tuned for more details soon.

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