Reserve Strap

Final Design Specifications and Shipping Date

The Reserve Strap promises to be the most indispensable Apple Watch accessory ever. It is the first and only band that charges Apple Watch while you wear it. We've been blown away by the interest and support we've gotten from the Apple Watch enthusiasts all over the world since we announced this concept. We've been hard at work creating a product that will allow you to get maximum utility and performance from your Apple Watch.

Today, we're announcing the design features and final technical specifications you can expect from the Reserve Strap out of the box. Speaking of which, we're also happy to announce a shipping date of November 3, 2015.

Only those who pre-order will be guaranteed a Reserve Strap by this date. Free express shipping is included for all US orders and we'll ship anywhere else in this Solar System for a flat rate of $20.

  • Charges Apple Watch on your wrist using embedded batteries and our proprietary accessory port connector design
  • Adds more than 30 hours of additional usage to Apple Watch battery life
  • Uses Micro USB to charge both the Reserve Strap and Apple Watch at the same time
  • Fully complies with Apple's Band Design Guidelines for the Apple Watch and doesn't violate either AppleCare warranty or Apple Terms & Conditions
  • As resistant to water as Apple Watch and won't affect any of Watch's functionality including its sensors and waterproofing

Key Features of Reserve Strap

  • Extends battery life of Apple Watch by a factor of 2.7x or in other words adds 167% more usage*
  • Specialized Thermoset Elastomer Silicone band
  • Proprietary Overmolded Accessory Port Connector
  • Adheres to Apple’s Official Band Design Guidelines
  • Embedded Lithium Polymer cells
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • LED charge status indicator
  • One-touch charge initiator
  • Water Resistant
  • Supports either 38mm or 42mm Apple Watches
  • Fits wrist sizes from 130-210mm
  • White, Grey or Black colors

*Both sizes of the Reserve Strap provide an additional 30 hours of power. So if you normally achieve Apple’s rated 18 hours of Apple Watch functionality, you can now expect to receive a total of 48 hours of functionality.

How Reserve Strap Works

  1. Reserve Strap will connect to the Apple Watch similar to Apple bands. It will slide in laterally then you’ll then push forward a small switch underneath the band to engage the accessory port connection to secure the Reserve Strap on the Watch.
  2. At your discretion simply press the power button once to initiate charging. You can use the Watch as normal while it charges.
  3. Once top-off charging is complete after 60-75 minutes, press the power button again to save the rest of Reserve Strap for another time. Or if you decide to leave Reserve Strap on, Apple Watch will use the Strap’s power to keep the Apple Watch at 100% power until the Reserve Strap is depleted.
  4. Reserve Strap uses a minimal LED indicator to let you know how much charge you have left. When you turn the charge on or plug it in, the LED will glow either green, yellow or red indicating a high, medium or low charge.
  5. Recharging the Reserve Strap and Apple Watch is incredibly easy. You can leave your Strap on the Watch and simply plug it in via micro USB. This will charge the Apple Watch and Reserve Strap at the same time!

What's In The Box

  • Reserve Strap
  • Tool for easily accessing Apple Watch port
  • USB to Micro USB cable
  • Quick Start guide

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