Reserve Strap

Evolution of Reserve Strap

From the moment we came up with the idea for Reserve Strap, we wanted to create a premium product that would be the perfect companion for Watch. We couldn’t be more excited about the product we’ll be delivering in early 2016. 

In keeping with our promise to give you more regular updates, we want to give you an update on Reserve Strap design and development and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Please continue to contact us. Your feedback and questions have been instrumental to our success. We know you’re going to love Reserve Strap and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Happy Holidays,

Lane and John, Co-Founders


Is Reserve Strap ever going to ship? 

We are not going to let you down. There will be no more delays. Reserve Strap is real and it will exceed even your loftiest expectations. We will be shipping to our preorder customers in the first quarter of 2016.

Well, why did you have to redesign Reserve Strap? What was wrong with it and what improvements have been made to the design?  

Most of the redesign was related to the mechanical construction and aesthetics of the band. Our electrical circuitry has been done for months. The most challenging part of development has been designing a band that feels solid but flexes easily, connects simply and strongly to Watch and withstands environmental abuse from sweat, water, humidity, drops, bumps, etc.

The first and most significant improvement has been related to the flexibility and sturdiness of Reserve Strap. The first design was a hollow silicone rubber band with the electrical components–battery and circuit boards–floating loose in the middle. The band didn’t feel solid. The soft rubber wasn’t entirely self-contained from water and debris ingress (more on this later) and nothing was protecting the circuits from damage. And if we made the walls any thicker it wouldn’t be flexible enough to wrap around the wrist. To solve this we drew inspiration from how our own vertebrae protect our spinal chord by incorporating an articulating spine which gives structure for a better overall feel, flexibility to bend at its joints while also protecting all the components. This was an absolutely essential design change that was the key driver for the delay.

The second improvement was reworking how Reserve Strap connects to Watch. Our first design had pins that retracted while the band slid in sideways (similar to the Apple bands). This sliding mechanism wasn’t reliable and was the main failure point in water and debris resistance. We fixed this in very unique way that we’ll be showing you soon.

The other improvements included relocating the micro USB port to the end of the band, improving efficiency of the charging circuit, fortifying solder points and making the clasp attachment to the other side of the band more durable.

These improvements weren’t just “nice to have”. They were necessary to make Reserve Strap worth wearing.

Why did you decide to improve the current version of the Reserve Strap instead of saving the changes for 'generation 2'?

We’ve been working day and night since February to develop a charging solution for Watch. If you remember, our first concept utilized inductive magnetic charging. When Watch released on April 24th and Apple announced their band design guidelines, we immediately pivoted to this design which utilized the accessory port. 

If you ask anyone who has made a physical consumer product, 5 months to go from concept to a final product is an incredibly short timeline. We almost accomplished this nearly impossible feat but while we got the product “done” in time, it simply wasn’t good enough for our customers.

We know you’ll be grateful for this delay when you try on Reserve Strap for the first time.

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